Apple Stem Repair Mask. (Sold out )

Apple Stem Repair Mask. (Sold out )


 The cellular Exfoliation mask acts directly in the prevention of aging of the skin. The conventrated extract of the fruit growing cells of malus domestica promotes the retardation of cell and chronological aging, promoting longevity and DNA repair.

Copper fermented extract, with its low molecular weight, possesses great antioxidant action, being thus able to combat oxidative stress, great responsibility for the agining of the skin.

The cellular exfoliation mask has enzymatic exfoliation action, promoting the slight thinning of the skin, stimulating the cellualar renewal; also stimulates the collagen and elastin, thus diminishing the signs of aging.

Through the use of the technology and active ingredients involded, the cellular exfoliation of the mask restores the skin giving a feeling of freshness, finesse, softness and great luminosity. promotes the nutritive effect of trace elements, restoring essential minerals to the skin, restoring vitality and hadration.


La mascara de exfolication celular actua directamente en la prvencion del envejecimiento de la piel. El extracto concentrado de cultivo de celulas frutales de malus domestica promueve el retraso del envejeciumento celluar y cronologico, promoviendo la longevidad y reparacion del ADN. 

El extracto de fermento de cobre, con su bajo peso molecular, posee gran accion antiooxidante, siendo asi capaz de combatir, el estres oxidativo, gran responsable del envejeciento de la piel.

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