Deep Facials

Deep Facials


There is so much pollution and oils in the air nowadays that it's easy for your pores to become clogged, leaving your skin looking dull and dry or spot-ridden. Our deep cleansing facial aims to treat breakouts, dehydration and other environmental blemishes that have affected your skin´s natural glow. Our therapists penetrate and cleanse your skin of toxins, extract whiteheads and blackheads leaving you with radiant, healthy-looking skin.

APPLY NOW for a Cherry Payment Plan!

  • SAVE 20%: 3 treatments for $300 or $25/mo*
  • SAVE 25%: 6 treatments for $563 or $47/mo*
  • SAVE 30%: 8 treatments for $700 or $59/mo*

* Monthly prices listed are for a 12-month payment plan; 0% interest for those who qualify

Are you a licenced professional? Contact us for wholesale prices.

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